Adjustable Pushrod Linkage

Adjustable Pushrod Linkage Re-Draw System Upgrade for Standun Bodymakers

OKL’s Adjustable Pushrod Linkage allows for micro adjustments to parallelism and over-travel of the Front Hold Down Bodies. We have fully redesigned the Cam Followers to eliminate the 30 individual rollers for better durability. This easy installation requires no part modifications.
  • Simple, quick installation
  • .020” adjustment per 360º revolution
  • Quicker set up time
  • Direct replacement
  • Fixed bronze bearings
  • Custom Lengths
  • Front Hold down/shims/cam configuration
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  • Sold as a retrofit kit to include the Cam Follower Pivot Pin
  • Extended lifespan
  • No oil or part modifications required for installation
  • Uses commercially available bearings
  • Easy Installation