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OKL’s Bodymaker is winning for Mall//Herlan!

OKL’s Bodymaker is helping aerosol can makers win awards. The following article is taken directly from Mall//Herlan’s website. You can access the article at their website by clicking the first link below. You can also read more about this year’s winners at The Canmaker’s (magazine) website by clicking on the second link. Click here to […]

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OKL completes another successful customer conversion

The demand for beverage cans in Latin America continues to increase due to changes in modern retailers’ and consumers’ demands. In order to better serve beverage companies in the region, Crown has released two additional beverage can sizes, a 9.1oz sleek style and an 11oz standard format. According to the latest reports from Euromonitor, the […]

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Another Successful Standun Bodymaker rebuilt by the OKL Team!

OKL has just shipped another Standun Bodymaker, giving the can making industry more reasons to choose OKL for their Standun Bodymaker and spare parts needs. Whether you’re looking to replace parts or rework them OKL Can Line has you covered! From Front Hold Down Assemblies to Ram Guidance Cartridges and Crank Assemblies, we have the parts […]

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Safety First

I noticed recently that aside from the obvious business of producing quality products, safety is top of the list of priorities without exception in this business. You will see from my recent trip to Coca-Cola that I had a ticking off for wandering down a road instead of using the designated pathway before the reception […]