OKL Bodymaker

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OKL Bodymaker from OKL Can Line

Commonly used parts and upgrades for the OKL Bodymaker:

Aluminum Parallel Motion Assembly

Built from 7075-T6 Aluminum (APMA) – Our direct replacement easy to install APMA are 50% lighter and stronger than standard steel. This allows for increased speeds with less vibration and provides reduced downtime for Rod or Link changes.

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Guidance System (LGS)

Our patented LGS has full contact composite bearings that eliminate the need for hydrostatic pump stations and related support. There are no filters or orifices to replace or clean. The removable bearing cartridges allow for quick diameter changes – no need for re-alignment and can easily be changed in 1-2 hours.

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Composite Redraw Carriage Bushings

Our Composite Redraw Carriage extends the life of the leader pins. The coolant inlets that are drilled into the leader pins eliminate oil requirements. The uses of composite-bearing material allow use of a fraction of typical oil resulting in a 60% savings.

Drop in OKL Tool Cradle

Our drop in OKL Tool Cradle is a floating design tool pack that allows easy change of tooling to allow simplification of material reduction in the production of D&I cans. The coolant manifold lid allows for the elimination of hoses and improved can quality.

Stainless Steel Guard Package

Our Stainless Steel Guard Package allows for easy access to key components in your bodymaker. Our cutting edge OKL guard package is CE approved. The stainless steel guard package also includes guard lock features to help make the bodymaker safer for the plant personnel.

Servo Cup Feed

Our Servo Cup Feed eliminates all PTO shaft and gear box requirements. This allows for electronic timing of cup and feed at high speeds. Changes and setup can be made easily via the touch screen interface which will cut down maintenance time.

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Servo Carry Off

OKL’s Servo Carry-Off Conveyor System eliminates all PTO shaft and related gearboxes when used in conjunction with our Servo Cup Feed units. The touchscreen interface used with the Servo Cup Feed also allows for the most accurate adjustments for the Servo Carry-Off.

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Redraw Airbag

The Redraw Airbag is an economic alternative to the air cylinder with many advantages. This kit comes complete with a new aluminum Trunion Mount. You need only remove the existing Air Cylinder, install the components of the kit and modify the air supply. In many cases the airbag can be installed the first time in a few hours.

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Top Load Tool Housing

OKL’s Top Load Tool Housing is an alternative to the wedge adjustment style housing currently in use. This housing can be built to accept all styles of holders from 6”-8” outside diameter. The usage of adjustable die rails reduces the time required for accurate tool housing alignments to be established.

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