Ram Guidance Cartridge

Composite Ram Guidance Cartridge for Standun Bodymakers

OKL’s Ram Guidance Cartridge for Standun Bodymakers uses the same carbon fiber composite technology that we applied into the Ragsdale style Bodymaker. This Vertec material is more durable and reliable. It utilizes low pressure oil for a trouble free guidance system.
  • Simple, quick installation
  • Elimination of Lee Jets
  • Quicker diameter changes
  • Floating Ram system
  • Better can consistency
  • Reduced tooling usage
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  • Everything required for installation is included.
  • Simple, one shift installation time utilizes same mounts, air and oil inlets.
  • No permanent modifications to be made, simple reversal to standard if required.
  • One inlet, low pressure system (150—200 PSI).
  • Programmable high / low pressure safety switch (included).
  • No moving parts.