Redraw Airbag

Redraw Airbag for OKL & Ragsdale Bodymakers

The Redraw Airbag is an economic alternative to the air cylinder with many advantages. This kit comes complete with a new aluminum Trunion Mount. You need only remove the existing Air Cylinder, install the components of the kit and modify the air supply. In many cases the airbag can be installed the first time in a few hours.
  • Low cost
  • Eliminates the need for cooling water
  • Does not continually consume air
  • Elimination of 3-4 oil injectors
  • Simple and quick installation
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  • All required parts for installation are included
  • Easy set up
  • No maintenance
  • Simple, quick replacement without removal of ram guidance system
  • Low-cost replacement with 3–12-month lifespan
  • Airbags come with an OKL Kevlar cover for increased abrasion resistance (not shown)