Standun Bodymaker

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Standun Bodymaker Parts, Upgrade Kits, Service & Support

Commonly used parts and upgrades for the Standun Bodymaker:


Front Hold Down Assembly

OKL’s Front Hold Down assembly for the Standun Bodymaker is made from aircraft grade aluminum and designed to produce a better quality can as well as better can consistency at more demanding speeds. This assembly is a direct replacement for OEM units.

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Adjustable Pushrod Linkage

OKL’s Adjustable Linkage allows for micro adjustments to parallelism and over-travel of the Front Hold Down Bodies. We have fully redesigned the Cam Followers to eliminate the 30 individual rollers for better durability. This easy installation requires no part modifications.

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Ram Guidance Cartridge

OKL’s Ram Guidance Cartridge for Standun Bodymakers uses the same carbon fiber composite technology that we applied into the Ragsdale style Bodymaker. This Vertec material is more durable and reliable. It utilizes low pressure oil for a trouble free guidance system.

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Servo Carry Off

OKL’s Servo Carry-Off Conveyor System eliminates all PTO shaft and related gearboxes when used in conjunction with our Servo Cup Feed units. The touchscreen interface used with the Servo Cup Feed also allows for the most accurate adjustments for the Servo Carry-Off.

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Servo Cupfeed

Our Servo Cup Feed eliminates all PTO shaft and gear box requirements. This allows for electronic timing of cup and feed at high speeds. Changes and setup can be made easily via the touch screen interface which will cut down maintenance time.

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Standun Catalog

Full OKL Standun parts catalog.

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OKL also offers complete Standun machine remanufacturing services.